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Lottery Rules

  1. Lottery numbers can be purchased from lottery co-ordinators at any time from July 2018.
  2. After September 2018 numbers can be purchased for the inclusion into the following month’s draw.
  3. The numbers are priced at £12.00 yearly (£1.00 per month.)
  4. On receipt of the £12 you will be issued with an allocated lottery number. You are not able to choose your own number.
  5. ONLY numbers paid for in advance will be included in the draw.
  6. The draw will take place on the first Monday in every month (with the exception of July when there shall be two draws for July & August to take account of school holidays.)
  7. 50 % of each months proceeds received from number sales will be paid out as prize money.
  8. 50 % of each months proceeds will go into SOS funds for use as voted on by SOS members.
  9. There will be only 1 winning number drawn each month.
  10. The holder of the winning number will be contacted to inform them of the win and to pass on the winnings.
  11. Records will be kept of all monies received.
  12. These records will be made available to lottery members to see if requested.